i cannot bring myself to view bronies in a bad light because the only brony i’ve met and know is a transgender man that is one of the nicest people i’ve ever had to pleasure to be friends with.




Only he would do this to not insult people[x]

For fucks sake Tom, practice some fucking self preservation.

IDK, look at his eyes man


i see your bluff and i raise you

i just remembered my favorite sga mcshep fic of all time




have you guys read the one where they are girl scout cookies because if you haven’t will be very disappointed

The Epic Tale of Rodney & John, Two Girl Scout Cookies in Love

I nearly died laughing at this! I love the cracky stories for this pairing. I swear there was one where they’re flowers…?

that would be the Greenhouse AU

i’ve read every single sheppard and mckay are not humans au i could find


I’m so serious, I want to make this happen. Make my dream a reality, Marvel.

there was a rumor that they wanted mads mikkelsen for dr strange a while back and it causes me endless amusment


I’m so serious, I want to make this happen. Make my dream a reality, Marvel.

there was a rumor that they wanted mads mikkelsen for dr strange a while back and it causes me endless amusment

Anonymous asked: What's a tenga egg? Are they tasty? Do they make a good omelette? Or are they just made of chocolate? If so, do they have a delightful filling, you know, like Kinder Eggs? *Excited flail*


Oh boy Anon, I have the feeling you’re gonna feel a little disappointed.

Tenga Eggs come from japan. They are a soft, stretchy silicone egg which arrive encased in a plastic shell, much like the plastic easter egg variety. The silicone egg arrives with a textured cavity and a package of lube within.

You remove the egg from the shell, remove the lube from the cavity, then fill the cavity with lube.

Then you shove your dick in it.


that took a turn

my webcomic was printed and displayed today for final crit in class and my teacher was like, “i like the the writing visual and how it fits into the page, but the actual content of the writing is clunky.”

which i knew already but its fine because its not a writing class.

and then he was all “You were very shrewd about your choice of subject matter and character because a parent would rather buy a story about leonardo da vinci rather than something filled with violence. Your choice to put an african female character in it was also a clever business strategy. your generation is leaning towards social justice now and your comic reflects what they will buy.”

i mean, those weren’t the only reason i picked my subjects and characters the way i did but i can’t say that it never occurred to me what i was doing might one day want to be sold, and that being inclusive was a sound business model.

the only thing that slightly annoyed me was that he made it sound like that was the only reason my character and story are the way they are.



he looks like legolas in that second one


page fucking 10


page fucking 10

page fucking 10

page fucking 10

Chris, why do you feel like Captain America is the perfect hero for our times?

did he just out chris

So that new Hannibal picture


I saw it and at first I assumed it was Will hallucinating or him in his mind palace doing the pendulum thing:

And then i saw this!
So Hannibal is really there! OMG

I do enjoy the little intimate scenes with Will.

- Mads Mikkelsen [x]

i’m done with this show, if they don’t make out i’m gonna be so sexually frustrated

I barreled through flamethrower’s star wars fic Re-Entry and i’m now getting crazy eyes due to lack of sleep but fucking hell that was awesome i can’t even begin to describe to you how awesome it is

tagged → #star wars #re-entry

i need to set up an activity post for tommorow about my “turn hannibal into a yaoi anime with fake screen caps” activity